Fellow homeschoolers, school at homers, regular schoolers, pretty much anyone who can help me…please sound off about Minecraft. My kids love love love it. And we have struggled with it since February. While it seems to be a great creative exercise (lego online?), it also seems to gobble up time like Cookie Monster gobbles up cookies. It can be all they want to do / think about. We limit the time they are allowed to spend on it and they always want more. They always want to know when they can play it (“if I finish this lesson can I play Minecraft?” “If I do extra chores can I earn more Minecraft time?”).

I am at the point of wanting it out of my house. My kids are super creative, they love to build and imagine and create, and I feel like Minecraft gets all the best of them. Their real legos hardly get touched.

I would love to hear from other families. Is this an issue in your house? Have you embraced Minecraft or banned it?


About Jennifer Charboneau

Jennifer Charboneau was born and raised in British Columbia Canada and moved to Arizona with her husband and three children in 2009. Alongside her husband Kevin she has started and run several businesses and continues to pursue her entrepreneurial goals while homeschooling their children.

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  1. Yes!! This is an issue in my home,too. My son (8) discovered Minecraft 2 months ago. He doesn’t want to stop. Ever. He doesn’t want to sleep!
    I decided to fully embrace it. Why? He is sooo happy! He likes to share his passion with me and other people. He is enlarging his vocabulary. He is learning to read. He is learning to write. He calls me when he needs help in writing something.He is CREATING.
    I suggest you visit Joyce Fetteroll’s site “www.joyfullyrejoycing”; it helped me seeing videogames in a new way.

    • Hi Madalena,
      I checked out that web site and the information about video games. Its very true that Minecraft has value as a game that helps them learn and the creative aspect to me is very appealing. My kids also join servers and Skype with some friends, often collaborating to build things. I guess I just wish that they could play for a while and move onto something else. I also don’t believe that just allowing them to play it as much as they want is a good thing. On JoyfullyRejoycing.com she makes a comparison – “how would you feel if you wanted to read all the time and your husband thought that you should do something more worthwhile?” And, while I understand what she is saying, I do think children are different than adults and its hard for me to believe that they should be left on their own to moderate behaviors like video gaming.
      What I love about what you are doing is that you are using Minecraft to connect to your son – helping him create things and letting him share his passion with you. That will strengthen the bond you two share and there really is nothing better than that 🙂

  2. It’s true that Minecrafters will spend most of their spare time digging dirt and hopping around a blocky world, but it’s so much more than that. By playing Minecraft, your child is learning to use what they have, create advanced electric machines with something they call Redstone and most of all, learn. My child plays Minecraft and I believe it’s teaching him more than school.
    For more info on why you should embrace Minecraft, see https://minecraft.net/ and https://www.yahoo.com/tech/five-reasons-parents-need-to-stop-worrying-and-learn-to-83359212475.html as well as http://minemum.com/

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