Jennifer Charboneau was born and raised in British Columbia Canada and moved to Arizona with her husband and three children in 2009. Alongside her husband Kevin she has started and run several businesses and continues to pursue her entrepreneurial goals while homeschooling their children.

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  1. My husband and I decided to pull our daughter out of public school and enrolled her in a online school. We supplement her schooling in other ways as well in addition to her social activities like American Karate, Literary Loft and local field trips. Her progress is wonderful. That is why I love reading about other’s experiences concerning non-traditional school. Looking forward to following your adventures in homeschooling. Thanks for sharing, Allie

    • Thanks so much for commenting. We have only been homeschooling since last February, and to be honest we only thought we were doing it for a few months, but now we are hooked! I would love any suggestions you have about subjects for posts…definitely going to cover the socialization aspect but I really don’t think people know what homeschooling looks like today, so that will be my main focus. This journey has really opened my eyes to a whole world of possibilities.

      • Thank you for your reply,socialization is important. What we usually do is have Becca give us some ideas for what she is interested in such as museums, national parks. Our local school district with permission will also let her go to school for a day and participate in events like Dr.Seuss month or pep fests. The online school Connections Academy offers field trips and community trips at local food shleves. Blogging is very helpful look to the homeschooling search engine and lots of other famililes offer helpful tips as well. Hope this helps and have a great day Allie.

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