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Above the Curve

Did you know that Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and Robert Frost were all home schooled? So was Agatha Christie. In fact, it is common for children of above average intellect to not fit into regular schools. Part of the reason that these kids struggle in regular schools is that there is a significant amount of resistance to allocating funding for high achieving kids or to facilitating things like acceleration and grade skipping. People who advocate for gifted or high potential kids are often called elitist and politicians shy away from showing their support to a small segment of the population if it may alienate a larger group. It would be wonderful if our school systems could accommodate every child at every level and every child’s needs could be met. But I suppose that is a tall order for a system strapped for cash. Thank goodness we have homeschooling as an option!

Considering homeschooling but don’t know if its for you? My new book Modern Homeschooling has helped many families figure out what to do!

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