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Fellow homeschoolers, school at homers, regular schoolers, pretty much anyone who can help me…please sound off about Minecraft. My kids love love love it. And we have struggled with it since February. While it seems to be a great creative exercise (lego online?), it also seems to gobble up time like Cookie Monster gobbles up cookies. It can be all they want to do / think about. We limit the time they are allowed to spend on it and they always want more. They always want to know when they can play it (“if I finish this lesson can I play Minecraft?” “If I do extra chores can I earn more Minecraft time?”).

I am at the point of wanting it out of my house. My kids are super creative, they love to build and imagine and create, and I feel like Minecraft gets all the best of them. Their real legos hardly get touched.

I would love to hear from other families. Is this an issue in your house? Have you embraced Minecraft or banned it?

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